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Self Defense Myths

3 Myths about Self Defense

self defense May 03, 2023

3 Myths about Self Defense


  1. One class is all I need

    1. Just like with any sport, learning self defense takes time and effort to become proficient. It's important to understand that one lesson won't be enough to prepare you for a real-life situation. It's a continuous process of training and practicing, much like how you wouldn't expect to play a tennis match after just one lesson. Building a strong foundation and skill set in self defense takes commitment and dedication.

  2. This tool will keep me safe

    1. Carrying a weapon or tool is often seen as a solution to ensure personal safety in a dangerous situation. However, relying solely on items like stun guns may not be effective in practice. Contrary to what movies portray, using a stun gun doesn't always render an attacker unconscious and can potentially escalate the situation. Firearms, while useful in some situations, may not be appropriate or practical in others. An over-reliance on these tools can be dangerous without proper fighting skills to support them.

  3. These Moves always work

    1. It's important to recognize that there's no one-size-fits-all solution in self defense. A real-life altercation can be unpredictable, with countless variables that can throw off even the most well-practiced technique. It's crucial to not only train in specific techniques, but to also practice applying them in realistic scenarios. No matter how many moves you know, they are worthless if you cannot apply them when it matters. 


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