Rolando Haddad

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Becoming proficient in Martial Arts doesn't happen overnight. The best practitioners in the world continually immerse themselves and study the methods of other athletes. 

Helio "Soneca" Moreira

IBJJF Blackbelt World Champion 

"I have been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for 47 years, Rolando's Self Defense curriculum is one of the best I've taken in my life. The mat and the street never lie, this system works for both!"

Helio Soneca Moreira

Autumn Cleveland 


"From the first time I met Rolando Haddad I knew he was a stellar person. That continues to solidify as I watch him lift other people up an challenge them to grow into their best potential. I've learned so much from him."

Autumn Cleveland IFBB PRO

Kurt Buller

Col (ret) USAF


"I am a retired Air Force special operator, my final assignment was in command of the 720th Special Tactics Group headquartered out of Hurlburt Field, Florida with units assigned around the nation to include the 123rd Special Tactics Squadron in the Kentucky Air National Guard. Special Tactics units are comprised of special operations combat controllers and pararescuemen, who together guide lethal air strikes against our enemies and prosecute the most dangerous combat search and rescue missions. In this capacity, I hired Mr. Rolando Haddad, owner of Core Combat Sports, to provide combatives training to our special operators. Specifically, I tasked him to teach hand-to-hand combatives should our Airmen be engaged inside close quarters without the ability to discharge their weapons, and techniques required to disarm/disable threats against our dignitaries when lethal force was not appropriate. Mr. Haddad and his team from Core Combat Sports crushed our training objectives so much so that the leadership from the 123 STS requested we maintain an on-going relationship with him and his gym.

Since then, I have relocated to Louisville to be near family and have started my own business, Intrepid Leadership Group. In this capacity, we run teenage leadership camps every summer which includes combatives training for both our male and female campers. Because of his reputation with my previous
units, I solicited his support. This summer I watched him personally train both our young men and women and can assure you he is phenomenal as an instructor and fighter. Besides breaking down the techniques and teaching them in a logical manner, his intensity establishes the right environment for all trainees to stay focused on the learning objectives.

Again, he is phenomenal in this capacity and I implore you to consider hiring him in this same capacity to assist you in achieving your mission, I'm certain you will be as satisfied as I am."

Kurt Buller Col (ret) USAF

Terri Blair

IBA Boxing World Champion

"This course is truly amazing! Rolando brings a unique skillset to the table and presents Self Defense in simple, yet practical fashion. This is the GOLD STANDARD when it comes to Online Self Defense Courses!"

Terri Blair IBA Boxing World Champion

Erick Hastings 

Professional Fighter 

"The wealth of knowledge that Rolando brings to the table when it comes to Self Defense is unmatched. Having an instructor who is skilled across multiple disciplines makes a world of difference."

Erick Hastings MMA

Ava Spellman 

Martial Arts Enthusiast

"I LOVE this Course! I have gained so much confidence and knowledge since starting. Rolando, Max and Nathan present the material seamlessly in a way everyone can understand."

Malik Shalash

BJJ Enthusiast

"These courses are nothing short of amazing! The instructors are extremely intelligent and precise. I have learned so much, and already incorporated this into my weekly training!"

Denny Sturgill

BJJ Blue Belt

"While mat time is undeniably crucial in Jiu Jitsu, augmenting it with off-the-mat study using CorePro has accelerated my learning pace. As a novice, it was invaluable to be able to revisit and reinforce the techniques taught between sessions. As I continue to progress, the app remains a reliable resource for brushing up on techniques I may have forgotten and capturing subtle details that might have been missed during class.


If you’re serious about maximizing your potential in Jiu Jitsu from day one on the mats, I wholeheartedly recommend incorporating CorePro into your training regime. It’s a game changer."

Helio Soneca Moreira