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How Long does Self Defense Online take

How Long Does it Take to Learn Self Defense?

Aug 11, 2023

How Long Does it Take to Learn Self Defense?


Learning Self-Defense is an invaluable skill no matter your age, gender, or background. In an ever-changing world, it is important to acknowledge that safety is never guaranteed, and being prepared for the unexpected is a responsibility we all share.


When considering the question, "How long does it take to learn Self Defense?" It is important to shift our perspective. Just like mastering any skill, self-defense is a journey rather than a destination. Comparing it to a sport, such as football or tennis, highlights the need for patience and consistent effort. No one would ever ask “How long does it take for me to be good at football?” because everyone understands that it takes years of practice. The same goes for learning self defense. It takes time and effort. 


Learning Beyond Technique: Mindset and Awareness

Self-defense encompasses more than just physical techniques; it's also about cultivating the right mindset and situational awareness. Developing the ability to assess potential threats and make quick decisions is fundamental to self defense. Awareness is key. It is important to not put ourselves in bad situations, and while anything can happen no matter where you are, just being aware of your surroundings can help to stop a bad situation from happening. Do not look at a phone while walking around, don’t have headphones on while out in public places, not walking alone in dark areas are all things that we can do to better our own personal safety. 

Diverse Aptitudes: Tailoring Learning to Individuals

People have diverse aptitudes for learning self-defense, just as they do for any other skill. Recognizing that everyone's journey is unique can alleviate the pressure of measuring progress solely by time. Some might grasp techniques quickly, while others may need more time to internalize them – and both paths are valid.

Foundations and Beyond: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Krav Maga Experts’ Insights

Drawing inspiration from the world of martial arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Krav Maga stand out as disciplines that require commitment and dedication. Experts in these fields emphasize the importance of building strong foundations. Like constructing a house, a solid base is essential before constructing the upper levels. Consistent practice serves as the mortar that solidifies these foundations.

The Myth of Shortcuts: Honing Skills Over Time

In a society that often seeks shortcuts, the martial arts world resoundingly dispels the notion of an easy path in self-defense. No amount of quick-fix solutions can replace the benefits of consistent, long-term training. Just carrying a weapon does not automatically make you safer. Firearms are a good example for this. How are you carrying your firearm: on your person, in your car, in your handbag? Do you train regularly with your firearm? Do you have the right kind of ammunition? Do you practice drawing your gun? Are you legally allowed to use your firearm in the situation you are in? Are you even willing to use the weapon on somebody? These are all questions that need to be asked, but often aren’t. 


In conclusion, embarking on the journey of learning self-defense is an investment in one's safety, confidence, and personal development. While the question of "how long" remains secondary, the commitment to consistent practice and the willingness to learn are the true cornerstones of mastery. 


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