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Want access to one of our coaches? With Technique support you can have direct email contact with a coach to ensure your technique is on point, and have any other questions answered!


*BONUS* Our entire Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Library!

Gain full access to:

  • Fundamentals 1 and 2: Consisting of a basic curriculum where we learn the first steps in our BJJ Journey.
  • Series and Concepts:  Consisting of technique videos from each standard position and in depth explanation of when and why to apply them. 
  • BJJ Drills: That build the key muscle groups to make your movements easier 
  • Live Training : Film from live sparring rounds with commentary to see when and why certain techniques were used
  • Match Breakdowns: With Commentary to see certain techniques applied in a competition environment 

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 Here's What You'll Get:

  • Full Access to our Self Defense Library  
  • 12 Training Modules with detailed techniques including: Basic Striking, Basic Grappling, Basic Clinch, Control Techniques, Edged Weapon Defense.
  • Over 100 videos of our curriculum
    This includes detailed explanation for each technique providing proper context needed when learning how to fight
  • Unlimited Access for Life  Unlimited access to your private online training portal so you can study anytime, anywhere and however often! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the course take to complete?

We recommend taking each module 1 week at a time, making this a 12 week online training program.

What if I have questions on a video? 

We are always willing to answer questions that arise when training, and are available via our contact page on the website! 

How can I practice this if it's all online? 

Learning any physical skill online is tough. We recommend finding a partner, or using a Heavy-bag to drill some of the techniques. You don't need this to complete the course, but the more practice you get, the more proficient you will become.

I have no experience in Martial Arts. Can I still do the course?

The course has been written for anyone (new to Martial Arts and experienced practitioners.) We have a number of experienced Martial Artists complete the course who simply want to better their knowledge and skills for their own training. The videos are easy to follow and you have the opportunity to go back and re-watch throughout. 

I've been in the Martial Arts industry for years. I won't learn anything new.

Rolando delivers simple yet effective techniques, but also puts context at the forefront, allowing for even seasoned martial artists to learn something new.

I'm worried I wont be able to keep up.

The training portal has been designed so that you can go back over the videos and materials as many times as you like, and at your own pace. The course content has been broken up into 12 digestible modules, so you can take a pause between each video if needed to practice and absorb the technique. 

What platform do you use for the online training portal?

We use Kajabi. Our past students love the portal due to its easy navigation, and ability to use on both laptop and mobile phone.


What People Are Saying:

I am a retired Air Force special operator, my final assignment was in command of the 720th Special Tactics Group headquartered out of Hurlburt Field, Florida with units assigned around the nation to include the 123rd Special Tactics Squadron in the Kentucky Air National Guard. Special Tactics units are comprised of special operations combat controllers and pararescuemen, who together guide lethal air strikes against our enemies and prosecute the most dangerous combat search and rescue missions. In this capacity, I hired Mr. Rolando Haddad, owner of Core Combat Sports, to provide combatives training to our special operators. Specifically, I tasked him to teach hand-to-hand combatives should our Airmen be engaged inside close quarters without the ability to discharge their weapons, and techniques required to disarm/disable threats against our dignitaries when lethal force was not appropriate. Mr. Haddad and his team from Core Combat Sports crushed our training objectives so much so that the leadership from the 123 STS requested we maintain an on-going relationship with him and his gym. This summer I watched him personally train both our young men and women and can assure you he is phenomenal as an instructor and fighter. Besides breaking down the techniques and teaching them in a logical manner, his intensity establishes the right environment for all trainees to stay focused on the learning objectives. Again, he is phenomenal in this capacity and I implore you to consider him in this same capacity to assist you in achieving your mission, I'm certain you will be as satisfied as I am.

-Kurt Buller, Colonel (ret) USAF

I LOVE this Course! I have gained so much confidence and knowledge since starting. Rolando, Max and Nathan present the material seamlessly in a way everyone can understand.

- Ava Spellman

These courses are nothing short of amazing! The instructors are extremely intelligent and precise. I have learned so much, and already incorporated this into my weekly training!

- Malik Shalash

Extremely knowledgeable, talented and helpful instructors on this course. I cannot give it a high enough rating that would show just how much I learned. I would recommend this course to anyone I know.

- Luke Powrie